what has ears but doesn’t listen riddle answer


Setting the Stage

Riddles have been a part of human culture since ancient times. They serve as mental exercises and entertainment, often concealing deep meanings behind their seemingly simple phrases.

Intrigue of Riddles

Their ability to provoke thought and curiosity makes riddles a timeless form of expression, and “What has ears but doesn’t listen” is no exception.

Explaining the Riddle

The Nature of Riddles

Riddles are puzzles or questions that require a clever or unexpected answer. They challenge our intellect by presenting information in a way that conceals the solution.

Origin and Popularity

The origins of this riddle are obscure, but its widespread popularity suggests it has transcended cultural and linguistic barriers.

Clues in the Riddle

Analyzing the Clues

The riddle provides a clue about ears, a sensory organ typically associated with hearing, but it suggests an inability to listen.

Potential Interpretations

This paradox sparks various interpretations, leading to a spectrum of answers and theories.

Potential Answers

Different Perspectives

Some interpretations align with physical objects possessing ears but incapable of hearing, while others delve into metaphorical realms.

Popular Theories

Objects like a cornfield, a wall, or even a book are proposed answers due to their ear-like features.

Revealing the Answer

Drumming Suspense

As the riddle lingers, the anticipation to uncover the answer grows, highlighting the allure of solving enigmas.

The Unexpected Solution

The answer to “What has ears but doesn’t listen” is a cornfield. Despite having ears (the part of the plant holding kernels), it cannot listen in the human sense.

Importance of Listening

Symbolism in the Riddle

This riddle serves as a metaphor, emphasizing the importance of active and attentive listening beyond mere hearing.

Lessons on Perception

It prompts reflection on how we perceive information and the significance of truly comprehending what we hear.


In unraveling the answer to this seemingly simple riddle, we discover the profound significance of attentive listening. Beyond the amusement of solving a puzzle lies a reminder of the value of genuine understanding.

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